What is the difference between 120 ECTS and 180 ECTS in the Master of Science in Orthodontics (Holland/Málaga)?

What would happen in case of travel restrictions due to COVID?

Do I need previous experience in orthodontics to take the master's degree?

How often are there exams in the Master?

What kind of content do the Online Modules offer?

How much time do I need to invest to catch up with the Online Modules?

Does this degree give me access to the specialty? How do I get the title of specialist?

What do the internships with patients consist of?

Are the face-to-face theoretical classes all day?

What are the online classes and when are they given?

What other types of internships does the Institute offer?

What material do I need?

What are the main differences between the Master's Degree in Orthopedics and Orthodontics Digital Clinic and the Master of Science in Orthodontics?

How many times should I go to Spain to carry out the clinical practices of the Master of Science in Orthodontics of 180 ECTS?

Are internships included in the Master of Science in Orthodontics?

How many credits do I get in each Master?

What are the class formats like?

How do I organize my stay? Can the Koline Institute offer me options?

What airlines operate at Malaga airport?

What forms of payment and financing does the Koline Institute offer its students?

Why is Koline Institute training different?

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